Yiyi Fantasia – Spanish Glory Hole


  1. Al

    I had high hopes for this when I first started viewing but it has degenerated into the same crap as the American gloryhole – bukkake genre. Terrible camera handling, too much talking, poorly set up scenes, excessive groping, cum shots that miss the target despite being in the right place – the usual crap.

    1. Jake

      Yep. I don’t understand it myself. Same trash, different day and they all copy each other’s same failures. Love the commenters who complain about those who critique this trash. I got tired long ago of paying for this mis-represented garbage that seems to be geared toward adolescents, grown retards and queers.

  2. Ronnie

    Disgusting hams on each of these videos.


  3. Grant

    I had high hopes that same guy wouldn’t be here critiquing free pirated porn. But alas he is, still complaining in a forum like a) the creator will see it not care it’s pirated and take his advice b) he is more obsessed with the guy which leads me to believe he is a closet homosexual who hates himself for it

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