Gloryhole Swallow 1st Visit (02 Aug 2019)

Gloryhole Swallow 1st Visit (02 Aug 2019)



  1. toyotaman

    what’s her name?

    1. foo

      She’s called LuLu in the Spankbang.

      1. MikeyP

        that shit was faaaasssssstttttt! them mofos just waitn for them new ones here. i watch here bu download there

  2. tts

    Your the best.
    M so excited, and I cannot hide it.

  3. tts

    In the start of the video he asked her if the hair was up last night.
    So where the last time video is from?
    Where can I find it, in the gloryholeswallow site or the c4s site or there is another place?

      1. tts

        Thanks for the info.
        Crap, too many places…

  4. Goatmilker

    Anyone know what happened to her at the end? Lmao

    1. Gayhippo

      She said “that was the longest something.” Anyways i assume the dick was too big and it hurt her.

  5. chokos

    She is amazing , what a slut !! This video could have been one of this year’s best but it has serious flow problems . When you have these two nigros with limb dicks that need half an hour to cum – if they cum at all , the first one couldn’t finish , sorry , but it is boring . Dave should not allow them in his videos .
    Otherwise it is a great start for this little slut , let’s hope she will be back and go at it bareback – but only with the proper guys and no flaccid dicks this time .

    1. Jimbo

      I always found that to be pretty annoying in these gloryhole videos, when part of the video is 20 mins of a black guy who cant cum. It kinda ruins the momentum of a girl moving between the dicks and then she ends up stuck on the same guy bored out of her mind just for a tiny dribble of cum..

  6. J-Money

    Thanks for getting this video up!! Been waiting a while for this.

  7. tts

    So I saw in the video she had 8 shots, and in the site he wrote that she “wanted to blow 30 strangers”.
    I’m curious… Is the 8 shots from gloryholeswallow + c4s = 30 shots she took?
    Or she wanted 30 but didn’t?

    1. Klay Thompson

      She wanted 30 it didn’t happen. She only blew 3 guys in the C4S video if you read that bio.

  8. Oso

    This a good whore bring her back

  9. tommyup

    Yeah the black dudes always seem to take forever to cum.Half the time, they can only cum by fucking the chick.I think it’s a cultural thing.Seems like black dudes like pussy more than they like head.And the cum shots are mostly low volume.Maybe he needs to hire younger black guys.Most of the black dudes in these vids look older.Like mid 30’s, 40, 50 yrs old..And oh yeah, try to get more Alena Croft or Brandi Bae GH shoots.Those two girls are beast when it comes to giving head.And bring back the two chicks(Paulina & Naomi Blue) who did the “Harmonica Blowjobs”…I still think that’s the best scene on the entire site.Both chicks were sexy as fuck.That “Harmonica” technique with two chicks tongue bathing your cock at the same time looked intense.It’s my new fantasy .I’d pay to have those chicks do that to me lol.They made every guy cum in less than a minute when they utilized that technique.

  10. tts

    Don’t know if you understood my question.
    I was trying to figure out if they split one movie to two, and show each of them in different sites?

    1. Klay Thompson

      No separate videos. That 1st video was a test videos. It long story that has been explained several times before. To sum it up that used to be a bonus video on site. Now it goes to C4S.

      1. tts

        Hope to also see the bonus here.

  11. LQA

    Aw, listen to Dave, making sure she’s on birth control, and when she says she isnt, he hands the guy a condom! He knows his fans go apeshit with barebacking, but he put the welfare of his, um, talent, over the tears of the dozen or so regulars dying to see a creampie. Who ever said he isn’t the caring type?

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