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44 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Emma Jade 1st Visit (17 June 2022)

      1. Joe Brandon

        It's not "sex workers". They are whores and sluts. Pornstars too. Don't normalize degeneration as a normal work. I know we are commenting women sucking multiple anonymous faceless cocks, but there are some limits.

        1. Blin

          it's hard to tell if this is irony or incel level of stupity. If being horny is a degeneration, all of us here should be allowed to park on disabled parking places

  1. Kiki

    It looks like a video from glory hole zecrets, i think the quality is going down. Prefer 1000's times a real housewife to a pron star.

  2. G0nz0

    What's the matter with the screams in background? It seems like they're kiling someone, it's unsettling and strange lol

    1. jam

      I don't know if you saw in other scenes that they have a screen in each booth on which they have a porn movie, although sometimes they are gloryhole scenes

  3. I dont have VIP level1 access

    Please give me VIP-18
    I've been looking for this video for 13 mounths.
    Please give me this girl. This girl is in eskimo emma with friends video.

    1. Steven

      So .. I want to let you know... I just shot a load on this video , I have the link! I don't know how to post it here.

      No payments or any bullshit, just a GHS lover to a GHS lover. 😉

  4. Loco

    It used to be just amateurs like 7-8 years ago, proxy and maybe somebody else were known as pornstars
    Now you have literally 70% pornstars, 25% hookers (skanks) and maybe 5% true amateurs ( even less probably)
    And no, amateurs are not girls who just trying to get Into the industry
    It's literally gloryholesecrets 2.0

      1. Joe Brandon

        Yes it's free, and? We can share our opinions because it's comment section. I think you are Dave's agent.

        1. fuck em

          yep a lot of D*ve cum-gurglers have been posting here recently under a few names. some are right here in this comment section

          1. Joe

            That other poster is right though. Complaining on a tube site or pirated videos comments about casting isnt going to do anything. You want regular women casted you gotta pay for a sub and tell Dave.

            It is kinda obvious why he mainly uses porn stars now. When he used regular women people doxed them and told their family they did porn even linking to the videos to their family, job, friends. Leading them to wanting the vids removed. Casting porn stars ends the effects of that doxxing

    1. Dave

      A lot of ungrateful beta-cucks bitching about the site on here. Hate to blow your bubble but ain't no amateurs on here. So enjoy watching those bulging dicks sticking out of a gloryhole.

    2. Blin

      Not sure where he was getting all the girls before, but it's becoming easier to enter the porn industry, f.e. due to the popularity of onlyfans. So it's not surprising that you will see pornactresses here, I would still not call them pornstars. Also 7 years ago there was Clair and some others who became pornstars afterwards

      1. Loco

        When they shoot over 10-15 scenes and been shooting over 3-4 years, its safe to say you're a pornstar
        Claire shoot maybe 2 scenes after that so no she not even close to a pornstar

    1. Dean

      #10 is on her pussy, and then the other guys fingers the cum deep inside her. So, her pussy eventually got that sperm load inside too.

      I love it when they also get cum like that unintentionally and enjoy every moment of it. That pussy is made for depositing cum.

  5. Joe Brandon

    So if Dave is making crap with skanks and pornstars, can we make our gloryhole site together? We can make donations for pure amateur women, some dudes will edit videos, some do technical stuff. Is such thing possible to do?

  6. cyclops

    I like the way you put that.They all fit under the "whores & sluts" category.No need to differentiate the different kind of whore species.I'm just here to observe & lust after women who don't mind exposing their dark feminine energy to the world for profit.That being said, does this chick take it up the azz in this one?

  7. John

    3 more scenes have already been leaked, that of the exuberant black woman, and those of venice & mila (glory and gangbang), it will take a few days but they will surely be here to delight us


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