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45 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow ZDN-2 Scarlett Alexis 1st Visit (11 March 2022)

  1. when the war in ukraine ends. she fucked up. give hamers

    suck a woman a big cock and a small one and eat the cum

  2. Kebob

    Serious enquirers only. I have all the scenes from the last 3 months and will show proof. I am not charging a high price especially if u buy like a bundle of them. I’ll show proof and won’t scam. Hit me up if u wanna buy.
    Snapchat: kebob1245

    Already helped some of you who hit me. Not scamming hmu and see for yourselves

    1. AGoodSamaritan

      beware with this guy, he’s a scammer. i dmed him and paid but he took my money. be careful.

  3. Joe

    Thanks for making this Dave! Sorry I'm not in a position to pay you right now, but I'm glad for what you do. Keep up the good work.

    PS Sorry for the ungrateful assholes on this site.

      1. asdf

        don't understand the reasoning for all the hate. Only thing is that they're too poor to pay. i'm downloading these for free but i'm not gonna hate on the guy making it.

  4. Thank you

    I hope that someone will upload the hd version like 720p or 1080p. Still thankful for uploading this.

  5. toyotaman

    3 months of waiting for this two shitty updates, instead of Harley King, Indica Monroe 2nd, disappointment

  6. Dave has lost his edge

    Real talk. GloryholeSwallow is now nothing but Pornstars sucking dick which is the same as Gloryhole Secrets, which is also MUCH cheaper. Dave makes no fucking sense with these new visits. Almost like he is hoping people will walk away.

    New episode with Kayla Keys…. She’s been in porn LONGER THAN FUCKING DAVE, yet he claims she is amateur??? WTF

    1. cyclops

      Some porn star chicks do a good job.I'm shocked Dave has never had Alena Croft on his site.I think he's based out of Arizona, and so is she.She's probably the biggest cum slut in porn.It's really a fetish/turn on for her.Her & GHS go together like peas & carrots.


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