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13 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow ZBR-2 Eliza Rae 1st Visit (14 Jan 2022)

    1. tyrone

      Dave thinks he is being sneaky by not releasing real names, but he underestimates the autism of online pornography viewers.

  1. Ed

    LMAO!!! These women will one day realize that working in 'gay trap' porn productions will leave them typecast for nothing but 'gay trap porn'. Laughing at ole 'Gay Dave' and his signature camera movements. He is always too close - typical for this genre.

    It's bad enough that he moves the camera to begin with. Then, he opens his mouth and removes all doubt about being a gay fool. At least he shares plenty of company with other porn producers.

    First, Dave's patented 'gay camera dip' when the camera suddenly points at the women's feet and the floor for unfathomable reasons.

    Second, Dave's patented gay move 'look up their ass'. Again, for unfathomable reasons.

    Third, Dave tells the women to 'show me the cum' so he can stare at their dental work and their tonsils. Maybe ole Dave went to dental school at some point.

    To be fair, the rest of the genre is equally fucked up. Buzz's patented 'trip and shuffle' when he hears the knock on the wall is so bad it's funny. Premium Bukkake is so bad it can't be salvaged, gay fraternity standing around fondling themselves and all.

  2. cyclops

    This is probably the best gloryhole scene I've ever seen.Chick is sexy from her looks to her attitude.Really knows how to use her lips for visual effect.I wouldn't be completely satisfied getting blow from behind a wall with this chick.She's one I'd have to look down & stare at.Her skills are A+, also.If you sent me away to an island and told me I could take only one gloryhole scene, it would be this one.Believe it or not, I don't watch these movies to masturbate.I like to let my cum build up for weeks at a time & save it for my fuck buddy.She seriously loves a high impact load filling her pussy...But yeah.I'm about to punch the clown to this one.This chick got me.

    1. cyclops

      That witch sucks one helluva dick!She'd probably have me squirting off in 2 mins tops.Her BJ style's exactly how I like it.Technique very similar to Alena Croft's.

  3. Calvin

    Since the regulars have nicknames, does the #11 guy have a nickname? I enjoy watching the girls trying to down that monster.


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