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31 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow CBPDB-2 Catherine 4th Visit (31 Dec 2021)

  1. viktor from ucraine

    she had an amazing figure in the videos of past years. what happened to her flabby stomach. but i still give a medal to private katerina for an anal battle.invasion her ass uncless

    1. Reggie’s ego

      I am Reggie. I know that the white male ego has destroyed our world. Don’t mind me, I don’t provide anything of value to this world either. I’m all ego. Like, literally, that is 100% of my existence. I am just a blob of insecurity, hate, and masculine toxicity. Don’t mind me guys, just have to target the blacks to get my dopamine rush for the day. I hope envious ego doesn’t offend anyone today.

  2. Cbg81

    Despite black men being 6.5 percent of the population, they account for 70 percent of gloryhole customers.

    1. cyclops

      I think it sells more.For some reason, most of the world seems to have an infatuation with watching BBC ravage out women of other races.That's why the porn companies keep featuring it.I don't really give a shit what color the peen is.I'm here for to see nasty sluts suck, swallow,take it up the pussy, and azz.By any means necessary.

  3. cyclops

    Looks like they're starting to fake a lot of creampies.Just like the recent Tessa video.Multiple guys supposedly popping inside, but not a drip of cum spills out? Cutting corners over there..but hey, I'm getting it for free...


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