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28 thoughts on “Gloryhole Swallow Han 3rd Visit (May 10, 2019)

  1. Clairefan

    Props and praise and thanks to the admin for new content but can we PLEASE get Claire’s 2nd bonus video she sent to Dave, where she has short hair, please! I only love her and it’s ridiculous to pay the 30 dollars the dude wants for a membership now just for one bonus video, it’s nowhere online. Whatever rumors and info there is in his members forum about Claire is appreciated too, thanks!!!

    1. ClaireSuckedAndSwallowedMyLoad

      Ok Dave. Supposedly Dave has more vids from a later time, after she found Jesus (he was behind the couch) and long after she was forgiven by her family.

      All those rumors certainly generate membership sales.

      Until I see screencaps, or just a few second clips, those “unreleased” vids of Claire are about as legit as a rainbow unicorn.

    2. was a member last month

      He has 3 other videos of her not released according to the forum. Her short hair video isn't really worth it. She won't come back to porn but he still had unreleased vids. He said he won't release until he figures out how to stop pirating of his vids as he knows claire is popular.

      Im guessing until the subscriptions start drying up he won't release it.

      Advice join the site once or twice a year. I do. Joined last month for the first time in 1.5 years. There's about 10-12 bonus videos including creampies not released.

      1. Jon Doe

        Yeah, joining once or twice a year seemed like a good idea to me, too. I was thinking about it for some weeks but then he started putting the good bonus stuff on his clips4sale and this really sucks and makes me not subbing until he puts everything onto his site in highest quality possible.

      2. Clairefan

        “There’s about 10-12 bonus videos including cream pies not released.” You mean 10-12 videos of Claire? Or of other girls? I’m familiar with his bonus section, but I’m only interested in Claire, that’s why I want the short hair video, I’m a completist and it’s the only one I’m missing from gloryhole swallow. I did become a member there a long time ago to get the full HD versions of her four visits, and the first bonus where she squirts on her phone accidentally (lol) but paying full membership again for the one Claire bonus video I’m missing seems nuts, especially since I haven’t liked any of the girls he features in a long time, plus it sucks how dark the videos are, and How loud the porn playing in the background is, drowning Out the moans of the actual girl we want to hear. I get he’s recording in a real store but dang it bring some lamps or something so we can actually see the girls. Actual photo shoots of the girls instead of video screen caps would be nice too.

        Shame there are no screen caps or anything to prove the 3 “new” videos are real, I would definitely subscribe in a hurry for more Claire visits. There’s a couple previously unreleased things of Claire if you’re a fan, a lesbian video in and a blowjob photo shoot (sadly no video it seems) in

    3. Chockos

      There are no new Claire videos .
      It's just rumors orchestrated from Dave himself and spreading through his loyal minions .

  2. adam

    If she did put a condom on my dick i would wish that the condom broke while fucking and that i accidently creampied her, that would be soo hot!

  3. Gloryfan

    Waited a long time for this, would have signed up to the site if Dave didn't pull the hot Asian Girl in the red mask.

    A shame, I'll enjoy this instead.

  4. dave is a bald homo

    I want that masked asian one from his C4S fucking Dave put them back on the site and I'll sub

    1. Gloryfan

      Oh I thought I was the only one who wanted it real bad. Glad I'm not the only obsessed one.

      Put it back on the site Dave with the new masked girl and I'm back in

  5. J-Money

    Who is the white chick from Friday's recent update with the blue nails and black bandana on her head? She sure looked like a spinner for sure.

    1. Jimmy

      Good. Too bad it could take 4 months before it is here. Just look at the Han and Harlee updates those came out in April/May. We might not see Ora this year at that pace.

      1. Damian Hoskins

        No dude, I got hope. Highly request like Ora or Francesca are usually leaked within 2 month. I'm sure someone will take care.

        1. Jimmy

          I know 2 months is possible. I'm just being realistic when it comes to this site. 4 months see it next year is my expectations. It comes out earlier good but im not gonna get my hopes up like you. I have seen videos like Giana 1st and the split tongue woman elsewhere over a month ago yet neither got uploaded here yet.

    2. Chris P Bacon

      There were rumors of her getting pregnant by a guy on her 2nd visit and that her parents made her keep the baby lol


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